June 28: Total body workout

I undertook some major post building works cleaning today. More or less non stop since 10am. Absolutely no need to go for a run because every muscle got a work out. Especially my lower back and arms. I hand cleaned 30 ft of newly laid flooring. Moved heavy items up and down stairs, from room to room. And all by myself, well until hubbs joined me in the evening. And we’re only about 1/4 there I think. Today was completely adrenaline motivated. I have a feeling that the pains will be felt tomorrow so I am heading in for a nice long soak in some Epsom salts now.

Today was a good day (Ice cube).

Over and out.

Diet: mainly protein
Cake: none


Day 26: Lunchtime session

Just a lunchtime session today

EXERCISE: split squats, treadmill running, assisted chin ups
DIET: b/fast – homemade chicken wrap, snacks – cherries
Lunch – yoghurt ! (I knew there would be pizza for our afternoon work do, so I showed some restraint!)
Dinner: 2 pizza slices, 4 small BBQ chicken pieces, 1 small spicy chicken piece, 1 Budweiser beer

Day 25: Squeezed some exercise in

Despite a very full day and not able to go to the gym because I was not near that area, I found some time in the morning, lunch and after work to squeeze in some exercise.

EXERCISE: squats, pushups, jumping jacks (!), lots of stretching, power walk at lunch and on my way home (I was late in picking up my son, so I decided to kill 2 birds with 1 stone)
DIET: tea for brekkie, brunch/lunch: sandwich, dinner: baked chicken, sauteed potatoes and teamed veg

Day 24: Good intentions

I really was ready to hit the gym today but I got caught up in work and by the time lunch rolled around, I could only think of my belly. I had to give the gym at lunch time a miss, sadly. I suppose I could be doing something now as I type this post at 9pm…..but I choose to unpack some more bags and boxes instead! Tomorrow is going to be a challenge as I am on training all day …..hmmm…..we will see.

Day 23: Early morning jog

Glad I got that out of the way. Lots to do today. Happy Sunday!

Exercise: 5.2 k jog (with far less walking – about 4 mins – jogged for the first 20 minutes albeit slower than yesterday)
Diet: started so far with cereal and banana.
Cake: no intentions to have any today


Day 22: Back on the road baby

My knee felt great all day so I went out for my first proper jog on the road since the 1st June. It was a walk / jog admittedly and not because of my knee! I had dreaded ginger biscuits too close to the jog and no water all day! Blaming poor diet for my effort today so will aim for better to tomorrow. I am definitely off where I need to be for my 10k run coming up but it felt good to be back!

Exercise: 5.5km run
Diet: cereal, fruit, chicken sandwich, yoghurt, several ginger biscuits, hot chocolate and a couple chocolate digestives!!!
Cake: none